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Could Clearwater, Florida Be Your Next Home?

Some of us only daydream of living in a community with natural beauty, warm sunny days, coastal breezes and endless outdoor activities. However, this kind of lifestyle could become a reality if you lived in Clearwater, Florida. Sure, Clearwater is a popular tourist destination, but it also has a good economic outlook, job growth and affordable housing.

Clearwater is situated just about 20 miles west of Tampa and northwest of St. Petersburg on the coast. The city has 26 miles of land and a little more than eight miles of lakes and waterways. Its small size helps to keep the population low at a little more than 108,000 people, but it is large enough to have a nice assortment of restaurants, beaches, homes and community activities for every age.

The town is a mix of entrepreneurs, beachcombers, residents and tourists that enjoy sunny days and warm weather. Many of the businesses in the area are owned by locals, which gives it a small town feel and makes everyone feel welcome.

What Draws People to Clearwater?

There is no doubt that many people choose to live in Clearwater because the cost of living is just 6.60 percent, which is extremely low compared to many other regions in the U.S.

People looking for a thriving community with jobs take a second look at Clearwater when they learn the unemployment rate is only 5.10 percent compared to the national average of 6.30 percent. New businesses are always relocating to Clearwater, and the tourist industry is strong in...

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Pre-Listing Inspections

Pre-listing Home Inspections Create a Winning Situation for Sellers, Buyers and Realtors

Buyers, sellers and realtors all breathe a sigh of relief when the home sale is finally completed. Buyers cross their fingers they are getting a good value for their money, sellers want to get top dollar for their investment, and realtors are in charge of seeing that the deal goes through. Everyone involved has concerns that last minute problems could come up and derail the whole deal. Consequently, more sellers are now turning to pre-listing home inspections, which also benefit the buyers and realtors.  

What Are Pre-listing Home Inspections?

A pre-listing home inspection is typically ordered by a seller from a certified home inspector. By ordering a home inspection early on in the selling process, sellers hope to alleviate last minute problems when selling their home.

Home inspections routinely last for about two to three hours and include a written report. They may cost $400 to $500. Inspections include a visual check of the homes main components such as heating, cooling and plumbing systems, roofs, structural components, electrical systems and some exterior and interior features.

It’s worth noting that inspectors may not make repairs, but they can provide referrals when asked.

Seller Advantages

  • Buyers are impressed when sellers are sincere and willing to provide a home inspection report, which may increase the likelihood of a sale.
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What You Need to Know Before Making an Offer

The home buying process can feel long and arduous, but you’re almost through it. You have secured your credit report and corrected errors, hired Christopher Milson as your real estate agent, and qualified for a mortgage loan. After looking at numerous homes that meet your criteria for location, square footage, and other factors, you have finally found one that feels like home. It's exciting and you're ready to make an offer to the seller. While it's understandable that you want to act quickly, it's also important to know how the process works so he or she ultimately accepts your offer.

Consider the Seller’s Point of View

Most people selling their home have been coached by their real estate agent to expect some haggling over the price. This is one reason they typically set the price higher than what they actually expect to receive for an offer. With this in mind, a good place to start with your offer is approximately five percent below the seller's asking price.

As your realtor, Christopher Milson will provide you with a list of the selling prices of comparable houses in the Clearwater, Florida area or you can locate this information online. He will then recommend a suggested offer price. After you have settled on a price, your Christopher will contact the seller’s realtor to begin negotiations. In most cases, you can expect the seller to come back with a counter-offer that is higher than yours but lower than the official asking...

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