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Finding the Right Home in the Clearwater, Florida Area

When searching a home, you may not know exactly where to begin so it’s important to know some of the primary factors when you are trying to find that perfect home in Clearwater Beach and the surrounding areas. That way, when you talk to your Clearwater REALTOR® you can narrow the search to be sure that you are getting everything you want and need from your new home.

Consider The Minimum Number of Bedrooms Needed

One of the most important factors to consider when you are narrowing down your choices in home is to determine how many bedrooms you will need. The concept of will need is extremely important. While you have a certain number of people as a part of your household now, you need to also keep in mind if you plan on adding to your family in the next several years.
Whether you plan to have more children or may have an elderly relative moving in with you, this will all factor into how many bedrooms you need in your new home. Think carefully about how many rooms you need and if nothing else, be sure to find a home that has at least one extra bedroom than the number you need for your current family size. It can be expensive and time consuming to have to sell and buy again, so better to think about this up front.


Set A Firm Maximum Price

Of course, your budget is another major factor in determining whether or not a certain home is the right one for you. Sit down with your spouse, partner and/or your financial planner and set a general...

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