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Homes in Coachman Ridge Clearwater: A Seller's or a Buyer's Market?

Many people dream of someday being able to own their own home. For others, they are looking to sell their current home and move into something larger to accommodate their growing family. Whatever your reason is for purchasing or selling a home in Florida, there is no time like the present to do so and Coachman Ridge would be an excellent choice.

Go here where you will see the number of days on the market in Coachman Ridge is only 52 versus an overall Clearwater average of 110. In addition, there are only 3 homes for sale right now out of a total of 255 in Coachman Ridge which makes this a seller's market for this area in my opinion. Keep in mind that it can also be a good choice for buyer's as prices have remained somewhat flat and are expected to go up considerable after the November elections which is typical. Also, the fact that Coachman Ridge is in one of the best locations in Pinellas County at an affordable price, makes this subdivision and excellent choice.


The economy in Florida is doing very well.

Because the economy is continuing to grow at a healthy rate rate, more and more people will be looking to purchase a home. This means that anyone interested in selling their home stands a better chance of being able to take advantage of the market right now and the Clearwater, Florida is an ideal place to live. Home prices are predicted to go up by about 5 percent, while...

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Buying Your First Florida Vacation Home: Tips for You

When you decide to take the plunge and buy a vacation home in sunny and beautiful Florida, you may be unsure how to proceed with the process. After all, buying a home in top vacation destinations like Clearwater, Florida is both exciting and unnerving all at the same time, especially because you do not currently reside in Florida. This article will give you some great tips that you can use when buying that first Florida vacation home so that you can be sure you get the right home at the right price for you.


Tip #1: Never Buy Your Vacation Home Based Solely On Photos

Many people want to buy their vacation home ahead of time so that they will have a place to stay on their next big holiday. If this is your goal, then you may be tempted to simply buy a house based on the realtor photographs. This is never a good idea since some photographers can use special filters and exposures that can misrepresent the “reality”. However, real estate agents like Christopher Milson can take videos and upload them on to YouTube so you can get a much better idea of what you’re seeing. Ideally of course, you should see a house in person so that you can know with certainty that it is the right home for you.

When you decide to take the plunge and buy yourself a vacation home in the sunny and beautiful Florida, you may be unsure of how to proceed with the process. After all, buying a home in the sunny beach community of Clearwater, Florida is both exciting...

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Good Time to Buy a Home in Clearwater?

The Clearwater Housing Market is Heating Up

This is good news for sellers but buyers need to consider their home buying options now to avoid being priced out of the market. For Clearwater home buyers it’s time to get off the fence and actively explore your options today.

January 2016 has seen a National Average of 5.4% increase in home values and Clearwater is ahead of the trend. Of course our beautiful weather helps but the low home inventory has produced a much larger demand for available homes. Rather than see this as a negative, home buyers should look at the advancing home values as an opportunity to get into the market at the “perfect time.”

“But if it’s a seller’s market then shouldn’t I wait to buy?”

Not necessarily, while there are conditions which makes it appealing for sellers to enter the market, buyers have good reasons to buy as well. It’s really more of a balanced market right now. The natural reaction of sellers to the rising home values is to list their homes for sale. As we get into the Spring Selling Season in Clearwater, we can expect to see inventories rise as well. This is a critical point if you are trying to save money.

Buyers have a real incentive to purchase a new property right now since interest rates have fallen since the beginning of 2016 and not likely to keep falling. As of April 8, 2016, interest rates are down 8 basis points over last week to a national average of 3.38%....

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