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Single Parent Home Buying: What to Think About


Single parents can do very well raising their family. And, home ownership is readily available and possible in many situations. If you are thinking about the opportunities and benefits of buying a home as a single parent, there's a lot to plan for. Before you make that move and buy a home, consider these key factors first.

  • How much space do you need? The more space you have, the more maintenance and upkeep you'll need to consider.
  • What type of local amenities matter to you? You may want a park that's within walking distance or you may want to be able to pick up and drop off your child at a school that's close by.
  • How long is the commute to and from work? Don't assume this. Instead, drive it to and from work at your normal times to see what's realistic.
  • If you have smaller children, you may need to consider day care providers that are nearby. Think about other needs as well such as the religious organizations, shops, and services nearby.
  • When buying a home, consider the amount of renovation needed. For many home buyers that are single head of households, it's important to choose a home that allows you to move in easily and quickly.

Every situation is different. However, if you plan to buy a home as a single parent, you'll need to consider your individual needs very carefully. Work with a local real estate agent that really does understand your needs and the overall scope of...

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3 Winning Strategies for Buying Your First Home in the Clearwater Area


Buying any home is an intimidating proposition, even for the well planned, so first home buyers may find it especially daunting. With the median sales price in Clearwater, FL hovering around the $165,000 mark, your first home is likely to be the biggest investment decision you're ever going to make as a young adult. This guide arms you with winning strategies to buy your first dream home.

Prepare Your Finances to Establish Your Budget

Buying your first home is only prudent when you can actually afford to make a down payment. This may involve a few years of planning leading up to your investment. Depending on the situation, down payments typically start out at zero for a VA loan all the way up to 30% for some loans in high rental condo buildings for example. Always check with your lender as the down payment percentage will also depend on your credit score. To prepare your finances smartly, make sure you cut down on frivolous expenses and put it towards the deposit for your first home. Establish your budget based on your current income, cost of living and existing debts like student loans and car loans and make sure you don't exceed this budget when looking for homes. It’s always a good idea to have your lender give you the estimated closing costs so that you aren’t short a couple of thousand dollars right before you close. If you need some names to some good lenders give Christopher Milson a call at (727) 207-6300 or email him at...

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