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Dog Etiquette For Being A Great Dog-Owning Neighbor


You love your dog, and firmly believe them to be the greatest boy (or girl) to have ever lived. This bond is one of the greatest joys of having a dog. However, when enjoying the company of your best friend, it is important to make sure you are not being a nuisance to those living around you.

Keep Them In

Your first task should be to make sure that your dog cannot run off into a neighbor’s yard. Install a fence around your backyard, and make sure it is high enough that your pup can’t jump over it. According to HomeAdvisor, it costs around $1,699 - $3,988 to install a fence, depending on size and material. This may seem like a big investment, but it is a necessary one in order to be respectful of other people’s property and boundaries.


Find Out Their Barking Patterns

It’s a common story: owners think their dogs are perfect, quiet angels, just to find out that their pet has been barking and howling incessantly when they are away. Petfinder has a detailed list of common barking behaviors in dogs, and the best types of training to curb them. A good tip is to prepare an exceptional treat or toy by marking it with your scent and giving it to them before you leave. This can make the absence bearable, and serve as a distraction.


Clean Up After Them

This should go unsaid. Clean up their messes on the street, and do your part to keep the neighborhood clean and poop-free. This is not only a...

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Just for Fun


Watch what this faithful dog does when the kids get off the bus!

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