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Young Family Moving? Here's What to Do



If you are thinking about buying your first home, there's probably a lot on your mind. You may be thinking about the home's size and layout. You are likely thinking about and planning for all of the things you'll do. However, as a young family, you also have to consider the neighborhood and community closely. You'll likely need to remain in that home for some time to break even, so you'll want to ensure the home is the right place for you and your family.

Tips on finding a great home in the Clearwater Area:


  • Utilize online tools like to help you to find information about your neighborhood. This can include information about crime rates within local areas.
  • Research the schools themselves. is a third-party website that can offer some information on schools in the community.
  • Check out the neighborhood in several ways. For example, visit several parks in the area. Go for a walk. Get an idea of what the layout of the community is. And, visit City Hall. Get to know the local Chamber of Commerce. These types of activities take minutes but they can give you an idea about the benefits any location can offer to you.
  • Learn about what there is to do in any given area. You'll want to look into parks and the local recreation department, but you'll have plenty of other things to do as well. Check out local attraction websites...
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The Biggest Misconceptions About Buying a Home

As a first-time home buyer, you have a lot on your mind when it comes to finding your dream home, paying for it, and taking care of it. What are the biggest mistakes and misconceptions you have about the process? These are key areas of concern for many people today.

The mortgage payment: Be sure you can afford your mortgage payment and invest the time in creating a budget. Get with your lender to see how much you will need to put down and ask your Clearwater area REALTOR® to see how much your estimated closing costs are. Doing the above will ease your mind so you’ll know how much loan you can manage and the total cash needed to close.

The renovations: Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes new home buyers make is not fully understanding what revisions are necessary. First-time home buyers rarely should consider significant renovations unless they have the budget to tackle it. A home inspection can help clear up some of your concern. An experienced REALTOR® like Christopher Milson should be able to give you a “ball park” estimate of the amount of work needed and successfully negotiate to get adequate compensation for any possible repairs.

The neighborhood: Have you taken the time to explore the neighborhood? Do a bit of experimenting so you can avoid having to struggle later. Drive to and from work from the new home during the normal times and walk the neighborhood with the kids. If you can’t physically get to a particular area, take...

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3 Winning Strategies for Buying Your First Home in the Clearwater Area


Buying any home is an intimidating proposition, even for the well planned, so first home buyers may find it especially daunting. With the median sales price in Clearwater, FL hovering around the $165,000 mark, your first home is likely to be the biggest investment decision you're ever going to make as a young adult. This guide arms you with winning strategies to buy your first dream home.

Prepare Your Finances to Establish Your Budget

Buying your first home is only prudent when you can actually afford to make a down payment. This may involve a few years of planning leading up to your investment. Depending on the situation, down payments typically start out at zero for a VA loan all the way up to 30% for some loans in high rental condo buildings for example. Always check with your lender as the down payment percentage will also depend on your credit score. To prepare your finances smartly, make sure you cut down on frivolous expenses and put it towards the deposit for your first home. Establish your budget based on your current income, cost of living and existing debts like student loans and car loans and make sure you don't exceed this budget when looking for homes. It’s always a good idea to have your lender give you the estimated closing costs so that you aren’t short a couple of thousand dollars right before you close. If you need some names to some good lenders give Christopher Milson a call at (727) 207-6300 or email him at...

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