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Pre-Listing Inspections

Pre-listing Home Inspections Create a Winning Situation for Sellers, Buyers and Realtors

Buyers, sellers and realtors all breathe a sigh of relief when the home sale is finally completed. Buyers cross their fingers they are getting a good value for their money, sellers want to get top dollar for their investment, and realtors are in charge of seeing that the deal goes through. Everyone involved has concerns that last minute problems could come up and derail the whole deal. Consequently, more sellers are now turning to pre-listing home inspections, which also benefit the buyers and realtors.  

What Are Pre-listing Home Inspections?

A pre-listing home inspection is typically ordered by a seller from a certified home inspector. By ordering a home inspection early on in the selling process, sellers hope to alleviate last minute problems when selling their home.

Home inspections routinely last for about two to three hours and include a written report. They may cost $400 to $500. Inspections include a visual check of the homes main components such as heating, cooling and plumbing systems, roofs, structural components, electrical systems and some exterior and interior features.

It’s worth noting that inspectors may not make repairs, but they can provide referrals when asked.

Seller Advantages

  • Buyers are impressed when sellers are sincere and willing to provide a home inspection report, which may increase the likelihood of a sale.
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