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The Best Real Estate Website in Pinellas County

Better Technology Specific to Real Estate

While 90% of all real estate buyers utilize the Internet as their primary resource, the technology in real estate websites has really fallen short. Buyers have had no choice but to settle with using the large national websites that only get their information from agent submissions and other 3rd party resources. The reason most buyers choose these sites is because they are eye-appealing, easy to search and rank well in the search engines. The problem with these big sites is they are not nearly as accurate or up-to-date as a website with a direct MLS data feed.

Did you know, 84% of all buyers deem listing photos to be the most useful feature on a real estate website? Well my site has every photo and I display them larger!

Luckily, the times are changing and my real estate clients have something new. This website is state-of-the-art with a direct MLS data feed. There are many tools for buyers and sellers alike. Take a look at some of the features I have to offer you:

Eye-Appealing & User Friendly

As a primary reason for the success of the large national websites, real estate clients like websites that look good and are easy to use. My website has been planned, laid out, designed and programmed by experts in the industry to ensure you as my client, has the best online real estate experience. Did you know, 84% of all buyers deem listing photos to be the most useful feature on a real estate website? Well my site has...

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5 Reasons why you should hire a REALTOR®

Many people dream of being homeowners, however, there those who own property due to inheritance. Renting and buying have their financial advantages, renting seems to have an upper hand when the economy is weak. Before buying or renting, however, you need to analyze real estate information on homes in Florida and understand Clearwater real estate trends.

Why you require a Realtor when buying a home.

1) Pricing

When selling, the home should be valued correctly from the start to attract the right buyers and shorten its time on the market. The seller should not be emotionally connected to the home to give you the truth as to your home's value. Get the most from your transaction by hiring a realtor.

2) Exposure

A realtor will give your home the maximum exposure to a vast number of potential buyers. The agent takes care of all the marketing materials, coordinates Internet marketing, hosts open houses, and networks regularly with other agents who may have interested buyers.

3) Buyer perception

A large number of potential buyers are usually represented by an agent of their own. Buyers often trust dealing with the best agent whom they pick after considering their experience and testimonials from past clients. Buyers also believe an agent will get the best deal for them.

4) Smooth sale process

An experienced real estate agent has the expertise to work through the sale process efficiently, assisting when there are financing issues, dealing directly...

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