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The last two years have seen the U.S. real estate market gain a remarkable amount of traction, surprising optimists and naysayers alike. Several important metro housing markets made impressive strides in 2017, confounding skeptics who predicted that runaway housing prices in some major cities would lead to diminished interest from prospective home buyers. Commercial construction meanwhile continues unabated in several regions of the country. In this commentary we'll look at the drivers behind the strength. I'll also explain why I believe 2018 will be the big coming out party for the real estate sector.

One of the reasons why real estate is a shoe-in for having a blowout year in 2018 is actually product of its recent success - namely, the forward momentum it has generated in recent years. The fact that most major metropolitan property markets have generated enough forward momentum in both construction and sales activity virtually guarantee a strong performance next year. The same could also be said of other markets, such as equities. Yet the stock market, unlike real estate, can reverse its forward momentum much faster which means one can never assume that a strong momentum market in the current year will necessarily translate into a stronger market the next year.

That said, contracts for developing properties are signed well in advance of the actual building, which in part explains the lagging nature of real estate trends. Due to the nature of real estate, the...

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Single Parent Home Buying: What to Think About


Single parents can do very well raising their family. And, home ownership is readily available and possible in many situations. If you are thinking about the opportunities and benefits of buying a home as a single parent, there's a lot to plan for. Before you make that move and buy a home, consider these key factors first.

  • How much space do you need? The more space you have, the more maintenance and upkeep you'll need to consider.
  • What type of local amenities matter to you? You may want a park that's within walking distance or you may want to be able to pick up and drop off your child at a school that's close by.
  • How long is the commute to and from work? Don't assume this. Instead, drive it to and from work at your normal times to see what's realistic.
  • If you have smaller children, you may need to consider day care providers that are nearby. Think about other needs as well such as the religious organizations, shops, and services nearby.
  • When buying a home, consider the amount of renovation needed. For many home buyers that are single head of households, it's important to choose a home that allows you to move in easily and quickly.

Every situation is different. However, if you plan to buy a home as a single parent, you'll need to consider your individual needs very carefully. Work with a local real estate agent that really does understand your needs and the overall scope of...

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Finding the Right Home in the Clearwater, Florida Area

When searching a home, you may not know exactly where to begin so it’s important to know some of the primary factors when you are trying to find that perfect home in Clearwater Beach and the surrounding areas. That way, when you talk to your Clearwater REALTOR® you can narrow the search to be sure that you are getting everything you want and need from your new home.

Consider The Minimum Number of Bedrooms Needed

One of the most important factors to consider when you are narrowing down your choices in home is to determine how many bedrooms you will need. The concept of will need is extremely important. While you have a certain number of people as a part of your household now, you need to also keep in mind if you plan on adding to your family in the next several years.
Whether you plan to have more children or may have an elderly relative moving in with you, this will all factor into how many bedrooms you need in your new home. Think carefully about how many rooms you need and if nothing else, be sure to find a home that has at least one extra bedroom than the number you need for your current family size. It can be expensive and time consuming to have to sell and buy again, so better to think about this up front.


Set A Firm Maximum Price

Of course, your budget is another major factor in determining whether or not a certain home is the right one for you. Sit down with your spouse, partner and/or your financial planner and set a general...

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Buying Your First Florida Vacation Home: Tips for You

When you decide to take the plunge and buy a vacation home in sunny and beautiful Florida, you may be unsure how to proceed with the process. After all, buying a home in top vacation destinations like Clearwater, Florida is both exciting and unnerving all at the same time, especially because you do not currently reside in Florida. This article will give you some great tips that you can use when buying that first Florida vacation home so that you can be sure you get the right home at the right price for you.


Tip #1: Never Buy Your Vacation Home Based Solely On Photos

Many people want to buy their vacation home ahead of time so that they will have a place to stay on their next big holiday. If this is your goal, then you may be tempted to simply buy a house based on the realtor photographs. This is never a good idea since some photographers can use special filters and exposures that can misrepresent the “reality”. However, real estate agents like Christopher Milson can take videos and upload them on to YouTube so you can get a much better idea of what you’re seeing. Ideally of course, you should see a house in person so that you can know with certainty that it is the right home for you.

When you decide to take the plunge and buy yourself a vacation home in the sunny and beautiful Florida, you may be unsure of how to proceed with the process. After all, buying a home in the sunny beach community of Clearwater, Florida is both exciting...

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