My Guarantee ...

Christopher Milson

YOU CAN ALWAYS REACH ME – I am available 7 days a week from 8 am until midnight. Go ahead and give it a test by calling (727) 207-6300 right now and see if I answer. Even if I am in a meeting, I will usually ask to momentarily excuse myself if the message appears to be urgent. The bottom line is that I’m always here if you need me.

... I AM TRUSTWORTHY AND HONEST – Success to me is finding solutions that meet my client’s needs first. I am not afraid to be honest even if it means losing business.  I focus on relationships, not just deals, and I know that when my client’s interests are well-served, then I will be successful in the long run (see testimonials below).

... I WILL SELL YOUR HOME QUICKLY AND FOR THE MOST MONEY – Listing at a higher price does NOT indicate a more competent real estate agent. I won't tell you what you want to hear just to get your business ... the market sets the price, period. I spend quite a bit of time getting your home’s “real value” and will show you a range of prices being paid for similar properties in your area. Email me a request and I will send you an extensive list of the many ways I will market your property in order to get it sold quickly and for top dollar.

I won’t rush or pressure you into making a decision – it has to be on your terms.  What I will do is take time to understand exactly what you are looking for and assist you every step of the way in finding your ideal property at the best possible price. 





Dan and Jill from Clearwater, FL5 Star Review

Christopher Milson is not just a listing agent. He considers selling your home a challenge and approaches it with wonderful pictures and enticing descriptions. Our home had settlement issues which presented him with a special challenge. He worked well with other realtors explaining our problem and  providing proof of remediation. In every case he went well above and beyond with calls and e-mails to negotiate our deal. Now that the sale is finalized, we realize how tough our house was to sell. Chris never lost enthusiasm during the sales process and worked diligently to overcome all obstacles from all parties involved which included ourselves at times. In today's economic situation, it seems that there are roadblocks at every turn in the sales process. Christopher handled them all for us. Of all the expenses we incurred selling our home, and there were many, the one true value was the realtors commission. The value of a professional, caring realtor, like Christopher, is immeasurable. We were blessed to have his representation and would highly recommend him.

James D. from Riverview, FL5 Star Review

Chris was great and helped us buy our home. Wendy and I were looking at multiple properties in Pinellas County and he was available, hard working, and took time to show us properties with the features we were looking for. When we found a home on Zillow we thought was perfect (even though it was in Hillborough county) we told Chris about it and he facilitated the whole process for us. He drove from his office to the home several times. We were also impressed with the referrals Chris provided for the home inspection team, they were professional and thorough. Chris also worked very closely with our lender to smooth the mortgage process and saved me a lot of time. We had a wonderful home buying experience, and recommend his expertise without reservation.

Sophia L. from Safety Harbor, FL5 Star Review

Chris is the utmost professional and expert in the real estate business. He was very patient, understanding and helpful throughout the entire process. I really felt like he was always in our corner and on our side throughout the entire buying process. He is VERY responsive to questions, concerns, emails texts and requests to view homes. He understood our needs and we ended up in amazing home! 

Sandie and Bob from Pinellas Park, FL5 Star Review

Christopher asked questions that helped us more clearly define the type of property we were interested in, then proceeded to locate some within our price range and show them to us; he was sensitive to our needs and availability. Christopher provided good information every step of the way so we were able to make a decision and close with a minimum of time and concerns – we were from another part of the United States and unfamiliar with regulations in Florida. He was accommodating and friendly and we felt confident in making use of his services.

Sharon B. from Clearwater, FL5 Star Review

I approached Christopher for assistance in finding some investment property and in the process he did a review of my current mortgage situation. After some research on his part, Christopher made a recommendation that I consolidate some of my mortgage expenses, which would enable me to pay off one of my properties. Christopher referred me to a loan specialist who was great. After reviewing various options, I ended up paying off my investment property, refinancing my primary home at a great rate, shaving 12 years off my mortgage payments and saving a considerable amount of money each month. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and with the assistance Christopher gave me throughout the process. Because of his expertise, I am in an even better position to find the perfect investment property, and in fact, Christopher has helped me with that too. I feel very fortunate to have found such a professional, knowledgeable and resourceful Realtor as Christopher and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Bill B. from St. Petersburg, FL5 Star Review

Honest, professional service and highly likely to recommend. Chris worked very hard at selling my mother’s home. He was very detailed, accurate, and complete in all transactions. He always kept me up to date on current events and activities about the home. He made an extra effort to insure the home was presentable. Very happy.

Barb and Bob H. from Pinellas Park, FL5 Star Review

Chris was the best real estate professional we have worked with. We will definitely contact him when we return to Florida and look for a home to buy. In the meantime we are recommending him to our family and friends. We signed with Chris and immediately left town. He took care of everything, including professional photos, personal showings, working with other brokers and continually updating us with feedback. Most importantly, Chris is an honest, knowledgeable and hard working real estate professional.

Lou and Joyce S. From Largo, FL5 Star Review

Christopher was very pleasant to work with. He was always on time. His knowledge of the home I purchased was excellent. Honest and answered all our questions without hesitation. We highly recommend him.


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