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A city of around 110,000 residents Clearwater, Florida has been heralded as a top beach destination by USA Today. The warm weather and the proximity to wonderful beaches make Clearwater a real estate hotspot. An appropriately priced home can sell relatively quick in this city if it’s marketed correctly and you have a right Realtor.

Selling a home can be a very emotional process.

As an owner it can be difficult to be “neutral” and stay objective so it’s important to listen to your Realtor and stick to the goal at hand – to sell your home for the best price in the shortest amount of time. A Realtor will streamline the process, help you decipher your emotions, and guide you through the negotiating process.

It's imperative to properly price your home.

Most homebuyers are sophisticated and highly educated when it comes to purchasing a home. They will notice when a home is overpriced. Compiled with the fact that many new sellers tend to overprice their home in the hopes of securing a bid, stagnation could be a real threat to a selling process that is quick. However, if you price it too low, you may lose out on potential profits. My real estate team will make sure to complete market research and price your home accordingly. We take into consideration the face value of your home, future and current renovations, the prices of comparable residences, as well as your particular neighborhood in Clearwater.

Putting your home in front of potential buyers through effective marketing.

Even if your home is properly priced, marketing will ensure that there is a steady stream of qualified buyers. As your Realtor, not only do I have access to the MLS (multiple listing services) but also to other resources that allow me to connect you with potential buyers that are interested in homes in your particular price range. Interesting to note that 82 percent of all home sales occurred due to the Realtor connecting with referrals, previous clients, and personal contacts. Given that, I will leverage my network and tailor a marketing plan that will be aligned with your specific needs.

Home showings and security breaches.

There have been cases of people taking advantage of open houses. Buying and selling a home should be a joyful, congratulatory experience that isn't stifled by incredulous characters. I will prescreen interested parties to ensure that the person is not only safe but are serious in wanting to purchase your home. As your Realtor, I will contact and prescreen the clients, show them a comprehensive tour of your home, as well as answer any questions that they may have. I will also showcase features of your home that you want me to reveal, especially if they are features that are particularly in line with what the buyer may want.

Quick, streamlined negotiation.

Sellers who are ready to close often are tempted to take the first offer that comes their way. However, the first proposition isn't always the best, as it is usually a lowball offer. As your Realtor, I will make sure to negotiate terms that are preferable to you, and fair to the buyer. In the end, the appraisal usually sets the price.

Processing paperwork and closing the deal.

The contract, appraisal and inspection process is one that usually requires careful paperwork that could take an extended period of time to process if it's riddled with inaccuracies. Even selecting a suitable inspector can be an overwhelming experience to some. Since many of these documents are legally binding documents and you’ll need someone on your side to streamline the process and make sure that contracts are signed and processed immediately.

As your Realtor in Clearwater, Florida, I will be with you at every step of the process. I look forward to hearing from you so when you are ready, please call (727) 207-6300 or email



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What Sellers are saying ...


Bonnie & Bill Bonnette

St. Petersburg, FL

Honest, professional service and highly likely to recommend. Chris worked very hard at selling our mother’s home. He was very detailed, accurate, and complete in all transactions. He always kept us up to date on current events and activities about the home. He made an extra effort to insure the home was presentable. Very happy.


Barb & Bill H.

Pinellas Park, FL

Chris was the best real estate professional we have worked with. We will definitely contact him when we return to Florida and look for a home to buy. In the meantime we are recommending him to our family and friends. We signed with Chris and immediately left town. He took care of everything, including professional photos, personal showings, working with other brokers and continually updating us with feedback. Most importantly, Chris is an honest, knowledgeable and hard working real estate professional.


Sharon Bueck

Clearwater, FL

I approached Christopher for assistance in finding some investment property and in the process he did a review of my current mortgage situation. After some research on his part, Christopher made a recommendation that I consolidate some of my mortgage expenses, which would enable me to pay off one of my properties. Christopher referred me to a loan specialist who was great. After reviewing various options, I ended up paying off my investment property, refinancing my primary home at a great rate, shaving 12 years off my mortgage payments and saving a considerable amount of money each month. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and with the assistance Christopher gave me throughout the process. Because of his expertise, I am in an even better position to find the perfect investment property, and in fact, Christopher has helped me with that too. I feel very fortunate to have found such a professional, knowledgeable and resourceful Realtor as Christopher and would highly recommend him to anyone.

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